• Download Windows installation package including DOS and Windows applications
  • Includes Active@ Disk Editor which is integrated with Active@ UNERASER
  • Includes PDF documentation for DOS and Windows software & Recovery Concepts
  • Windows Boot Disk Creator creates DOS bootable disk on USB or CD/DVD media
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Active@ UNERASER 10 Professional

  • Includes Active@ Boot Disk Lite — Windows 8 SP1 based recovery environment (WinPE 5.1) containing set of recovery tools (UNERASER, Partition Manager, Disk Monitor, Network Tools and others)
  • Windows Boot Disk Creator being able to prepare bootable DOS disk as well as Windows 8-based Boot Disk on USB & CD/DVD media to recover unbootable systems
  • Being able to load scan results saved locally by a freeware version, and continue with data recovery
  • Recovers deleted partition/volume "in-place" or copies all volume data at once to a new disk
  • Does not contain limitations on number of files being recovered per one recovery session
  • If you would like to buy the Professional version click here

Active@ UNERASER 10 Ultimate

  • Beyond professional version features includes Active@ LiveCD Lite — openSUSE-based graphical recovery environment containing Active@ UNERASER and being able to:
  • Start non-bootable PC for the data access and recovery, boots up any machine from a portable media: CD, DVD, Blu-ray disc or USB flash disk
  • Boot up any machine in legacy BIOS boot mode and in the latest UEFI secure boot mode, independently on the Operating System being installed on HDD
  • Obtain read-write access to Microsoft NTFS, FAT/exFAT; Linux Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, BtrFS, F2FS, ReiserFS; Apple HFS+; IBM JFS; Unix UFS, XFS, ZFS file systems to copy data to & recover from
  • Repair infected systems, anti-virus scanner included, latest virus database can be downloaded
  • Save customized desktop configuration to USB, then restore it for the next recovery sessions


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Windows installation package includes Boot Disk Creator - tool for convenient preparation of bootable DOS disk within Windows environment

Complete Windows installation package contains the following DOS components of Active@ UNERASER which can be downloaded separately:

Active@ UNERASER (DOS version) Download
Bootable ISO CD-Image (DOS version) Download

Frequently Asked Questions (DOS version)

How to prepare hardware test file? Why is it needed? Hardware test file - is a file that contains current machine configuration and HDD partitioning. It helps support team to detect hardware and software problems. To create it - go to menu [F9] and from File menu choose 'Save Hardware Info', or press [Ctrl]+[H]
How to create bootable floppy disk supporting Network under DOS?
  1. Download Bart's Bootable Floppy Disk Creator ( from and unpack everything to separate folder, for example C:\BFD. Make sure you also unpack the subdirectories!
  2. Open Command Prompt. Goto the C:\BFD directory, run "BFD MSNET" and follow the instructions on screen.
For more information and additional network adapter drivers:
How to create bootable floppy disk supporting SCSI disks under DOS? Some SCSI devices are visible by BIOS and thus accessible by DOS applications without of any drivers. Other SCSI require particular ASPI drivers to be loaded. To create Bootable Floppy with ASPI drivers for SCSI support, use step by step instructions here: Bart's Scsitool Boot Disk
I have an external USB drive. When I run the software it is not visible in the list of available devices. Can I access it? You need to get a DOS based USB driver. After it is installed, our product should be able to detect your drive. You may try to use one of ours bootable floppy creators to create a floppy that has an option of loading USB drivers: or After bootable floppy with USB is created, copy your software on it and boot with an option of loading USB drivers, then start your software.
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User's Guide: Active@ UNERASER (Windows)

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User's Guide: Active@ UNERASER (DOS)